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"Business Income Made Simple"
   By Robert M. Swift

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Since most business owners do not know how to calculate their business income loss or present it to the insurance company, the standard procedure is for the insurance company's adjuster to hire a forensic accountant to do the calculations for the insured. It is the insured’s responsibility to tell the insurance company what they lost and how much they expect to be paid. This is not a whimsical or unsubstantiated number, but a well-documented, calculated amount. In order to facilitate the process, you might want to follow our suggested procedure.

  • First, read and understand your insurance...... 

  • As soon after the disaster as possible, take lots and lots of...... 

  • Keep a journal...... 

  • Access your cash and set-up a special General Ledger account.... 

  • When you talk to the adjuster, ask them for.... 

  • There are six common areas of dispute that may be resolved with......

The key to a successful recovery is to be prepared, know what to do, and how to calculate the financial impact of a disaster on your business.

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